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Microsoft and BlackBerry, two of the companies whose mobile platforms failed, have decided to join forces for a strategic partnership that includes the launch of a solution called BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE.

As the firms explain, the purpose of the partnership is to offer Microsoft mobile apps for Android and iOS from BlackBerry Dynamics, with the final goal of boosting security and productivity in the enterprise.

“Corporate IT departments benefit from a greater return on their existing investments, and added assurance that their company’s data and privacy is secured to the highest standards and in compliance with corporate and regulatory policies,” a press release (embedded below) reads.

The two released statements to praise their products in the mobile and productivity fields, with BlackBerry saying that it has “always led the market with new and innovative ways to protect corporate data on mobile devices.”

Failed mobile strategies

While this partnership makes sense at some level, both companies have until now failed to survive the fierce competition in the mobile industry and eventually surrendered to Android and iOS.

BlackBerry is still an active player in the mobile biz with Android phones after the company abandoned its very own mobile platform, while Microsoft has already confirmed the demise of Windows phones and plans to focus on a new approach for mobile devices.

It’s believed that Microsoft plans to invent a new product category that would be based on a multi-form factor approach, with a future device to include foldable screens and a clever hinge that would allow it to turn from tablet to phone and laptop easily.

After failing in the mobile hardware world, the two are clearly aiming for the enterprise, and joining forces for the same purpose is probably the best way to go. It’ll be interesting to see how many enterprises opt for the new solution, especially with other large companies also making huge investments in this field.

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