Modern parents are busier than ever, with careers, children and a boatload of responsibilities banging down the door, which leaves precious little time for face-time. As a result, today’s parents are increasingly turning to the Facebook inbox to keep up with the comings and goings of the world – and that’s where Mead Johnson HK and CMRS realised they could best find a moment connect with their customers at their leisure.

The milk powder brand developed an AI chatbot “MOMsenger” on Facebook to directly and instantly engage parents and parents-to-be, no matter the time, date or place.

And not just rehashed stock messages either – properly personalised messages, in a friendly and informal tone that resonates with the target audience. It even discusses different topics with different people, based on their preferences.

To give the platform a personality, the chatbot fronts child star Keira Wang (珠女) for visual communication, using short videos and images of the star, and provides a new way for fans to be engaged in a campaign, as users can easily join games with a few simple clicks.

Once potential or existing customers are connected with the chatbot, it asks simple questions aimed at understanding the user’s preferences so that it can push relevant promotion messages in a timely manner, or answer questions instantly.

This is not to say that the chatbot is a blank slate. It has access to a wealth of frequently asked questions that it knows the answers to, and Mead Johnson HK’s CRM system has been integrated with the system, to ensure that people can quickly check and update their information without ever leaving the platform.

Aside from convenience for the end-user, the above drastically reduces the human resources required for the brand at the back end, shortens the interaction time with target customers and enhances the online experience, which helps transform and boost offline sales, while saving cost and effort.

Going forward, the platform will serve as a long-term customer engagement channel for Mead Johnson’s consumers.

CMRS Digital Solutions Limited
Brand: Mead Johnson HK
Creative & Production: CMRS Digital Solutions Limited
Director: Barry Lau, Ralph Szeto
Senior Manager: Yulande Choi
Assistant Manager: Chung Fung
Supervisor: Winki Chung
Senior Specialist: Maggie Ip
Project Executive: Mikayo Chu, Isabella Lee, Alex Wong
Creative: Charlie Yim, Nicole Wong,
Copywriting: Ashley So
Art Team: Pien Wu, Ball To

Mead Johnson
Associate Director, Digital & eCommerce: Susanna Yip
Senior Manager, Digital: Colina To
Marketing Executive, Digital: Renise Cheng

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