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Global ad tech firm Unruly has revealed a new tool to test whether an advert is sexist or not in time for International Women’s Day.

Launched on its UnrulyEQ Max content testing platform, the company claims the tool can detect sexist stereotypes and tropes  – for example whether an ad objectifies people’s bodies or show certain occupations or roles being more suitable for a particular gender.

The ads are scored using a traffic light system, with content deemed to be sexist given a red light.

Thirteen factors are considered in the equation and stem from ASA’s 2017 report, ‘Depictions, Perceptions and Harm’.

Ads are also examined using facial coding, verbatim and survey responses from both men and women.

The company has not said how the brands will be notified or whether their results will be made publicly available. Unruly was contacted for further clarification.

The company’s chief commercial officer for Asia Pacific Phil Townend said: “The focus for International Women’s Day 2018 is all about #PressingForProgress. It’s about action and activism.

“We hope Unruly’s stereotype analysis tool, which identifies male as well as female gender stereotypes, will provide an early warning system for 21st Century brands that want to move on from the outdated gender stereotypes that alienate their customers and threaten to undermine the reputation of their brand.”

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